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2019年5月18日Saturday School


こんにちはSaturday School Officeですwink




This is the Saturday School Office.

On May 18th, the weather was fine, so we decided to proceed the "Evacuation Drill" with all the students and staff/ teachers.

We have already given the letters to students about how the Evacuation Drill went, but we would like to post about it on this blog too.



5/18(土)10:45頃に大阪府下に地震が発生したという想定でEvacuation Drillを行わせて頂きました。


Evacuation Drill Report

The Evacuation drill was held on the assumption that an earthquake occured in Osaka Prefecture at around 10:45 a.m. (Sat.), May 18th.



【放送内容】/{Announcement content}

To Kinran International Saturday School students and staff; “In 60 seconds we will conduct an earthquake evacuation drill. This is only a drill.”

 金蘭大学土曜学校の生徒とスタッフの皆様 今から60秒後に地震が来た時を想定した、避難訓練を行います。



【放送内容】/{Announcement content}

“Students, staff and visitors, we are now conducting an earthquake drill. Please take cover away from windows, under a table or desk by dropping to your knees with your head protected by your arms and your back to the windows for the next 60 seconds. Please remain silent. This is only a drill.”





【How the students went】

There were classes practicing going under the desks, and all the students were listening to the teachers and staff very well. 



【放送内容】/{Announcement content}

“The earthquake has now stopped. Follow the instructions of your teachers and student staff. Quietly move to the evacuation area. Remain calm and do not run.”





【How the students went】

After the announcement, the students followed the teachers and staff very well.

The students placed their hands over their heads, in a line and was also calm going down the stairs. 



After leaving the building, everybody went through a route that is less dangerous from glass fragments from falling.


最終避難地点のGrass  Area(正門付近)では教員とスタッフがクラスのボードをもって生徒の皆さんを誘導します。Fieldにいたクラスも体育の先生やスタッフの指示に従い、建物から一番遠いルートを通ってこのエリアへ向かってきますwinkその後、随時、点呼をとって保護者様への引き渡しに備えます!

The teachers and staff were able to guide and gather all the students to the "Grass Area" where it is our evacuation point (near the main gate).

All the students who had P.E. class at the field were able to follow the P.E. teacher's instructions, and used the route farthest from all buildings, and gathered to the "Grass Area". 

After the teachers took attendance of their classes, the next step is to prepare for passing the students to their parents. 




It only took 12 min for all the students/ staff/ teachers to arrive to the evacuation point.



Thank you for your cooperation of making this evacuation drill happen.

We appreciate your understanding.




If there really was an earthquake or a natural disaster, once the students have gathered, the next step is to hand over the students safely to the parents.

For cuurent students, please read the page 10 - 11 of the Handbook that contains about the evacuation procedure.


Saturday Schoolでは災害時や緊急時に備え、クラスに1人は完全バイリンガルのスタッフを配備していますsmileyheart


今回の避難訓練では"Cover your head!" "Walk Slowly!"などできるだけ簡単な指示を使いお子様の誘導を行いました✨


In Saturday School, in case of emergency situation, there will be at least 1 staff who is billingual.

Especially, for grade 1 beginner classes, it will prevent kids from panicing. 

During the evacuation drill, the teachers and staff used simple phrases like "Cover your heads!", "Walk Slowly!".

We were worried that the students might not understand well, and may take a long time to evacuate, but it turned out that all of them gathered twice as faster than we thought.



「備えあれば患いなし」とは言いますが、Saturday Schoolではこれからもお子様を安心して預けて頂けるようなプログラムを目指していきますheartheart


We think that this experience of going through the evacuation drill smoothly last week has given all of us confidence.

There is a saying "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst". 

Saturday School will continue to aim for a program that will keep all the students safe. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 



Kinran International Saturday School Office