Physical Education Department



In the P.E. Department, students are encouraged to participate actively in a wide range of sports and physical activities.  Students will be introduced to a range of sports from various countries.  They will be expected to actively learn about the sport and participate enthusiastically.  In the initial stages, students will be instructed in the simple rules, and at a later stage, they will be expected to play each game, demonstrating an understanding of these rules.  All instruction is in English.  Also, for their development, students are encouraged to communicate in English during P.E. class and to use the vocabulary they have learned.
The priority of the P.E. staff is to provide a healthy and safe environment for the students.  Students will be expected to be active participants.  They will be encouraged to apply appropriate communicative skills with their peers, learn team values and have the confidence, competence and motivation to pursue physical activity and skills required for effective lifelong learning. P.E. and Swimming are alternated between the spring and fall terms.