English Level

We have prepared the following explanations in an effort to help you evaluate your child’s English level.  We hope to make it clear what is expected at Saturday School, as well as what your child should know or be able to do in English when entering his/her class.

All English classes in Saturday school are set at the Advanced level:


  • Students who correspond to any of the following descriptors or students who have a similar English level to what is described below are considered to be at the Advanced level of English.
a. Students who have received an education in English attending an international (pre-)school in Japan for 3+ years and/or English is the spoken language at home.  There may be some children who have completed the Let’s Go series (from books 1-6) and are moving on to a new course book. At this level, students have no problems expressing themselves, their opinions and their feelings only in English.  Their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are well developed.
b. Students who are returnees, who have spent several years abroad where they have been exposed to English on a daily basis in either an international school or local school in an English speaking country. The student may read, write, listen, and speak (almost) at the native level.
c. Students whose parent(s) may be/is/are a native speaker of English or they may be Japanese but speaks English fluently as they have lived abroad for years and uses English as the spoken language at home. The student’s reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in English should meet the standards of their age as expected in an English speaking country.  Your child is ready to be challenged with more complex English.
  Course Text: Houghton Mifflin series (Textbook level is different according to the students’ grade)