School Fees

School Year 2017 - 2018 (Apr. 2017 - Mar. 2018)  

All amounts listed below are tax inclusive.

Entrance Fee:
20,000 yen
Annual Tuition:
297,000 yen
Annual Lunch Fee:
18,000 yen
Annual School Bus Fee: 
30,000 yen (All areas except for Nishinomiya Kitaguchi)
36,000 yen (Nishinomiya Kitaguchi)
*School bus routes: Nishinomiya Kitaguchi, JR Ibaraki, Senri Chuo, Minoh and Kitasenri.



* We ask for all payments (tuition/lunch/bus fees) to be made each term (i.e. 3 times a year).  Fees (tuition/lunch/bus fees) per term are not listed as there is a variation in the number of school days for each term.

* All fees (tuition/lunch/bus fees), once paid are non-refundable.